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Contabilidade Seguros Viagens Consultoria

Lei Agência

Accounting information has increasingly been viewed as an important management support tool even for small and medium businesses. More >>

The company is dedicated to selling both property and life insurance.

We have been insurance agents for about 20 years, and our emphasis on accuracy, transparency and dedication have contributed to customer loyalty and constant acquisition of new customers, which has now made us a benchmark in the geographic areas where we operate. More >>

Lei Tur

With six offices, in Fiães, Santa Maria de Lamas, Carvalhos, S. J. Madeira, Aveiro and Avintes, we try to turn your dreams and ideas into reality, whether at the professional cultural, historic, spiritual or leisure level. More >>

When a specific business strategy or a certain objective is defined, any business should understand its plan exactly and establish an action policy that will allow it to maximize results.

They should ask themselves whether they are willing to present a unified front, their own, to different projects, problems or opportunities that the company wants to implement. More >>

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